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Crook County, Oregon

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On 160,000 acres in Crook County, Oregon, four generations of the McCormack family are doing what the McCormack family (or "workforce," as they call themselves) has done for nearly seventy years — raising cattle by doing things right, from how they care for their herd to how they care for their land.

They believe — rightfully so — that's it's possible and imperative to ranch ethically, sustainably and profitably at the same time. For example, the McCormacks practice rotational grazing so that native grasses are able to reseed and flourish, season after season. To further minimize the impact on soil and plants, they also grow meadow hay, alfalfa/grass and grain to feed to their cattle in the wintertime. They water their crops using hand-line irrigation, which pulls water from two reservoirs fed by melted snowpacks and good spring rains.

As a testament to their long-term progressiveness, the McCormack family was one of fourteen who founded a beef cooperative committed to the humane treatment of animals and conscientious care for land. The cattle they raise for us are never given antibiotics, growth enhancers or added hormones — ever.

The Critical Link.

Farmers are a critical link for how food gets to our plate — we honor and respect their work, recognizing that they play a unique role in our food system. They are some of the hardest working folks we know, rising before the sun and adjusting their work pattern according to the weather — no easy feat when we think about climatic variations!

Strengthening the Connection.

We aspire to build strong relationships with our farmers — getting to know who they are, what matters to them, and therefore why this matters to the food that we make. We want to strengthen the connection between farmer and consumer.

We aspire to build strong relationships with our farmers — getting to know who they are and what matters to them.